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Currently trying to be more calm and mindful. Interested in learning about all things meditation and mindfulness. Don’t be shy to reach out.

Meditation didn’t feel natural to me. I’m hoping it’s the same for other people, or else I’d feel bad. The first few times I tried to meditate, I found myself either sleepy or impatient.

Around the same time I first wanted to try meditation, my wife and I got a dog. His name is Solo, and he’s an Italian Greyhound. Here’s Solo sunbathing:

Apparently, sunbathing is a thing for Italian Greyhounds.

The first few weeks with Solo was not exactly fun. It was mostly cleaning up pee and poop. I had to get used to a new routine while Solo chewed my slippers and shoes. …

For context, I’m currently trying out meditation and mindfulness. Without a doubt, it’s a very new and unpracticed concept for me. But so far, I’m very thankful I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Simply put, I’m happy to be able to test out the ideas put forth by meditation and mindfulness when I get into a stressful situation. Not to say I don’t feel stressed anymore. Far from it. The stress is still very real and incredibly demotivating. …

More things I’m learning from reading about meditation through “Going to Pieces without Falling Apart” by Mark Epstein.

Always be meditating… How though?

I’ve noticed some effect from meditation. Even as a total newbie (I can barely meditate for 5 minutes), the change in my mood and energy is palpable. When I do meditate, it’s relaxing.

Aye, there’s the rub! Meditation is something that cures after an ailment. I get stressed, so I de-stress. My mood is therefore like a rollercoaster — up and down between cycles of stress and relaxation. The thing is, meditation isn’t the only thing that relaxes this way. Exercise, Netflix…

The following is one of my reflections as I read ‘Going to Pieces without Falling Apart’ by Mark Epstein

Photo by Gemma on Unsplash

In modern life, we’re constantly faced with multiple paths. Mostly, they’re well-trodden and paved. But sometimes, you find a path that’s not so popular (yet). At that moment, there’s a pull, an attraction. If you’re a normal human, you don’t go down that road. We take the predetermined route.

Take education as an example. A decade ago, the road to success was a degree in accounting, engineering, medicine, or law. At that time though, there was already the beginnings of YouTube…

Dear Future Me,

In case you question why you decided to dedicate the free time of your 2021 to mindfulness and meditation, this article should help you out.

As the first book I read in my attempt to understand meditation and mindfulness, 10% Happier by Dan Harris felt like a good start. The target audience was skeptics, so I hoped that I could quickly debunk any bias I have on “woo-woo” and fluffy concepts.

I can’t say I’m fully convinced, but I’d confidently recommend the book. It does a great job detailing how the author researched and tested different…

Before you start reading, play this short clip:

Did you just cringe? I know I did.

It’s hard to escape from notifications these days. Sure, you can toggle them off, but do you really? The expectation to react immediately when something, anything happens is so universal by now that I at least find it difficult to cut myself off. Back when we rode on airplanes, there was at least a moment when some notifications couldn’t reach you.

Photo by Sten Ritterfeld on Unsplash

Putting the blame on social media and tech companies is tempting, but I disagree. I believe the tech and social wave is…

I want to start this series of posts called WWID or ‘What Would I Do’ where I share how I’d approach a particular problem or idea. This is part of my personal experiment for development.

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

For this first post, I want to tackle the highly competitive space of cafes! There are currently 9,900 cafes in Australia. Chances are, there’s a coffee vendor at every few blocks in the city. If I planned to open a cafe myself, I would do it this way:

Constraints to keep this exercise focused:

  • B2C only. You can be in the coffee business through different…

I admit it. I have been too complacent with my weekly blog. It has been a bit more than two months now since I started writing every week. For the past few weeks though, I’ve caught the content being less… considered. Being the lazy bum that I am, my recent musings have been a product of a few hours of scrambling on a Sunday evening to churn something, anything out before the week ends. Essentially, it was writing for the sake of writing rather than a distillation of a week’s experience, a thought experiment, or a challenge to hone my…

I’m currently running a personal experiment where I volunteer to be a thought-partner — essentially offering free business advice to anyone interested. From just doing a couple, there’s already an emerging pattern. Namely, people worry more about how to run the business rather than making sure there’s a problem to fix in the first place!

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

For my experiment, I listed a free event and set aside an hour every Saturday to meet random strangers that want to chat. We would meet at a nearby cafe, talk about the problem, and hopefully end with some concrete next steps such as further…

The past two months of consistently writing weekly blogs have been a big help to force reflection, at the very least. As an additional challenge, I want to hone my problem-solving by forcing some sort of practice as well.

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

Specifically, I aim to further develop my business acumen by exposing myself to new problems every week. Of course, this is on top of my day job in a startup. To do this, a few ideas come to mind:

  • Volunteer thought-partner — I’m offering free business advice! I’ve placed an online ad offering to be a sounding board or help solve…

Nigel Lee

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